Divorce is a very emotional and sometimes painful process especially if there are children involved, that is why you need to appoint the correct divorce attorney that understands your needs and knows how to handle your situation.

At Heckroodt and Associates our staff understand the stressful circumstances of a divorce as well as the financial implications, we as your divorce attorneys will be committed to understanding your needs and assist in speedily finalising your divorce.


The most cost effective divorce in an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse work together to agree on the terms of your divorce.

You will both consult with the same Divorce Attorney, who will be unbiased and impartial.

There is no formal trial and only the plaintiff appears in court. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree prior to the divorce on how to divide their assets and, if there are children involved, which parent will become the parent of primary residence and which will be the parent of alternate residence. 

A settlement agreement is then drafted with the help of the divorce attorney, entered into (signed) by both parties, and made an order of the court. An uncontested divorce is without a doubt the least expensive type of divorce.

A divorce attorney can finalize an uncontested divorce in four to six weeks depending on the court roll.

It is not necessary for both parties to appear together in court, therefore, only the plaintiff will give evidence and conclude the divorce before a magistrate or judge, depending on the court in which the divorce was instituted.


The contested divorce process consists of various stages:

• Pleadings
• Application for and set down of trial date
• Discovery of documents
• Further discovery and particulars
• Pre-trial conference
• Trial
• Judgment

The process of a contested divorce will be explained by the divorce attorney.