Road Accident Claims

The Road Accident Fund is a state insurance that provides cover to all drivers of motor vehicles in South Africa in the event of a road accident, and a person wishing to lodge a Road Accident Claim. In terms of the Road Accident Fund act it will compensate persons who are injured as a result of the accident or their families in the event of fatalities help rehabilitate the injured, and promote safe use of the road.

When you have an accident, it is advised that you visit an Attorney who specializes in Road Accident Claims. The Attorney will assist you to lodge a claim with the Road Accident Fund, especially if you have been injured or someone was killed.

If you want to claim from the Road Accident Fund you can do so yourself or through lawyers. When using the services of Road Accident claim Attorney the will assist you in submitting your claim to the Road Accident Fund. The claim must be within three years of the date of the accident, if you know who caused the accident. If you do not know who caused the accident then you need to submit the claim within two years.

Your Attorney will assist you in completing all the required claim forms required by the Road Accident Fund.

Every paragraph that is applicable to your case must be completed, when using the services of an Attorney who handles Road Accident Claims you will be assisted in completed all these forms correctly.

The doctor who treated you after the accident must also sign the forms before you submit them to the Road Accident Fund.

In order to lodge a claim from the Road Accident Fund in South Africa for any Road Accident Claim, you must have:

  • The name of the police station where the accident was reported, thecase number, a copy of the police report, a charge sheet and a sketch of the accident scene.
  • Receipts, accounts and vouchers to prove medical claims and expenses.
  • A medical report and a letter from your doctor declaring the amount you will pay in the future for medical expenses, as a result of the accident.
  • A letter from your employer declaring the amount you lost as a result of unpaid wages.
  • A written letter of consent that gives permission for the hospital to divulge your medical records to the Road Accident Fund.
  • A sworn statement from the claimant and any witnesses to the accident.

A specialist Road Accident Claims Attorney can assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits from the road Accident fund due to their experience as well as expertise in the field.