Correspondent Attorney Fees

All of our corrspondent attorney fees are charged according to tariff on party and party scale


Scale A
<=12 000
Scale B
<=50 000
Scale C
>=50 000
High Court
Taking InstructionsR217.50R289.50R347.50R526.00
Drafting per Page/FolR21.00R21.00R21.00R105.50
Perusal per Page/FolR8.00R8.00R8.00R53.00
Affidavit per Page/FolR42.00R42.00R42.00R263.00
Attend to receiptR13.00R21.00R25.00N/A
Copies per PageR3.50R3.50R3.50R3.50
Attend to serviceR42.00R42.00R48.00R162.00
Telephone Calls (each)R13.00R21.00R25.00R53.00 p/5min
Telephone ConsultationR36.50 max(R113.00)R36.50 max(R113.00)R44.00 max(R136.40)R263.00 (max)
Letters Written p/pgR21.00R21.00R25.00R105.50
Letters Received p/pgR13.00R21.00R25.00R53.00
Preparation for TrialR724.00 per unitR985.50 per unitR1182 per unitR1052.00 per hour
Attendance at CourtR516.00 per hourR516.00 per hourR618.00 per hourR1052.00 per hour
ConsultationsR516.00 per hourR516.00 per hourR618.00 per hourR1052.00 per hour
Travelling p/hR217.50 per hourR289.50 per hourR347.50 per hourR526.00 per hour
Travelling p/kmR3.50R3.50R3.50R3.50
Brief Counsel (each)R37.50R37.50R50.00R368.50

Kindly take note: The we will provide you with a full itemised bill of costs as an account.

Should you have any queries whatsoever regarding our correspondent attorneys fees, kindly contact our offices.